The Program Details

Bluewater Capital Partners, LLC represents an Investment Fund that specializes in making $100 – $400 MM company-level growth capital equity investments in Public and Private companies. The investments are structured to provide proven management and property ownership teams within a specific real estate sector the growth capital necessary to scale their companies through ownership of focused portfolios of real estate assets and interests. These companies are governed by a board of directors consisting primarily of representatives from the management teams and the Investor, with a focus on protecting and growing shareholder value, generating dividends, setting strategy, allocating capital and working with management to optimize resources.

The Investment Fund provides:

• Alignment of interests with each company's management team

• Transparency into the company's performance and operations

• Input into major strategic, investment and staffing decisions

For management teams, the Investment Fund provides:

• Access to significant long term, flexible capital
• Ability to efficiently pursue growth plans and pipeline
• Deep expertise in corporate and real estate finance, capital markets, systems and organizational development

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